About Paul Maddison


Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter/Producer Paul Maddison grew up in the rustic, bucolic, pastoral setting of Mo’Vegas, NY (315, represent). His horse-trainer father sang (loudly, but in tune) at church, and often performed “Santa Lucia” for his local DJ mother at home. This environment fostered his fervent love of all styles of music, although the first time he heard an electric guitar in person, he ran out of the room. Since moving to metropolitan NY in 2003 to finish a degree in Studio Composition at SUNY Purchase, Paul has been working on his own solo musics and with a co-lead NYC mainstay: The Thang. 

When not working on his own music, Paul currently plays lead guitar with MSNBC's Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough in his band Scarborough Music, which recently performed on The Colbert Show and The View and released a slew of EPs, He also plays with Constantine Maroulis (American Idol, Rock of Ages,) The Dragon Crest Collective, fronted by Pete Francis (dispatch,) the up and coming riff rock of Chris Abad's Downstate Darlings, with an EP coming this fall and the new The Dirty Pedals.

He teaches guitar and songwriting at the prestigious Lagond Music School in Elmsford, NY under the direction of the great Charlie Lagond and Rosanne Lana.  

He plays numerous weddings and corporate events with the amazing Silver Arrow Band.

And his new project, a labor of love, is a podcast called Secret Famous, capturing the stories of fellow musicians and artists of the NYC scene.

When not doing any of that he can be seen hanging out with his poet wife in Astoria, NY trying to blend with local queens culture.